Prepare for HVAC Cleaning Season

It’s almost summertime in the Midwest, which means one thing- outside heat and humidity! For HVAC contractors, it’s HVAC cleaning season. As units remove heat from a home through the refrigeration line, outside particles pull in causing reduced airflow and a high electricity bill. As you know, this time of year, it’s important to change out air filters and unit coils to extent HVAC unit life.

Prepare for HVAC Cleaning Season by having these items in your arsenal to check the superheat and subcooling, install, service and clean those HVAC units:

1. Quickly and easily check superheat and sub cooling

Ritchie Manifold Quick Connect Hoses 42001- 5% off
Three pack: 22985, Yellow: 22060, Blue: 22260, Red: 22660


2. Install new equipment

Malco Service Wrenches- 5% off


VAC Pump QS5 700-100-P1 and Ritchie VAC Hoses- 10% off

  • 1/4 inch 25860
  • 3/8 inch 15660
  • ½ inch MH120006EAK

Inficon Recovery Machines- 5% off

Fieldpiece Micron Gauges- 5% off


3. Service HVAC equipment

Fieldpiece MultiMeter- 5% off

Schraeder Core Remover MJAVCT & Appion MGAVCT 5/16- 5% off


11-n-1 Klein Screwdriver- all Klein tools 5% off

Yellowjacket Pump Oil- quart and a gallon TZMGLN and Ritchie Vac pump oil TZMGLN- 5% off

CPS and Diversitech Schraeder Caps & Cores- 5% off

  • Diversitech Valve Cores VVC1
  • Quarter Inch Schraeder Caps VC4
  • CPS Valve Cores CD4460
  • Six Pack CD4460/6


4. Clean A/C Unit

ACE Coil Cleaner- 5% off
Indoor Coil Cleaner: EKC-1
Outdoor Coil Cleaner: ABP-1

ACE Condensate Tabs DTJR- 5% off


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