Tips for Smart Selling: How to Seal the Deal

Even the best sales people need new tricks and refreshers. Our Product Manager, Tom Tallon, has learned a thing or two from his last 29 years in the HVAC sales field. Here are some tips and tricks to seal the deal and nail the sale!

1. Listen first

Find out what the customer needs and wants before you start to “sell” them on your products. Make sure the solution you offer meets or exceeds the customer’s wants and needs and positions you nicely to introduced the benefits of your own products.

To get an accurate read, ask these questions during your initial conversation:

  • Are you concerned about the utility costs that you incur monthly while operating heating and cooling products?
  • Is warranty of the product a benefit that you would use in consideration for the product or purchase?
  • Is the efficiency of the unit a decision factor in which product you buy?
  • Is a low maintenance heating and cooling system important to you?

2. Schedule a visit

Once you’ve asked the important questions, schedule a visit with the potential customer. People don’t like appointments. An appointment is an obligation. If you “schedule a visit” with your customer, your meeting suddenly becomes more of a social, friendly get together where there is no pressure to purchase. Give the customer flexibility to pick the date and time that works best for them. Put two dates on the calendar- one as a contingency. This gives you an opportunity to follow-up with the customer to confirm which date works best before your visit. Leave the second date in your planner until you have attended and finished the first meeting.

Come prepared: Before the visit, ask for as much information as possible so you show up totally prepared. For example, ask who and how many people will be attending the consultation. That way, you bring the appropriate amount of information when you visit.

3. Create a good first impression

Dress for the call- don’t roll in off a job site with muddy boots and an untucked t-shirt. If you are going into someone’s home, dress cleanly and appropriately.

Give each person a business card upon greeting. Start the meeting by handing out company information- probably in the form of a pamphlet or one-sheeter and talk about the company briefly. Leave the customer with the information to read through while you do the home evaluation.

The hard-copy information you leave them with should be in a professional presentation style. Include names and photos of the technicians in the company so they are aware of who will be working in their home. Transparency is key! You can also include copy of the technician’s EPA cards, liability insurance and pictures of your company’s service vehicles.

4. Put the customer in control

After the walk through, sit down with the customer and fill out a qualification questionnaire (click for our example) together. Use the data from this survey and the accompanying question map infographic (below) to decide which products best fit your customer’s needs. Using this questionnaire, you can visually walk the customer through their price point and expectations. This gives you a chance to delve into product features and benefits and the customer full control over what you are giving them based off their expectations.

Please include attribution to with this graphic. Click infographic to enlarge

Select the best LG product for your customer

Once you’ve made the sale, follow through on the process in its entirety. Go to the house for startup, meet the installers at your customer’s home, do a walk through with them, make sure there are no residual questions. Be sure to continue to follow up even after the customer’s unit is installed- make sure they are totally happy with the product and that they have your contact information for any future issues.

5. Delight the customer

Whether or not you closed the sale, take time to send a thank you note to the customer for his or her time. If you are successful in closing, the day of the walk-through, you could bring a small gift that includes a business card and information about your company referral and continued service program. Keep it small and generic- unless you spoke with your customer about a specific interest. Small gift suggestions include a box of chocolate, gift card, bottle of wine, flowers or local treat. You could also send flowers or an edible basket directly to the home for the whole family.

with Tom Tallon
BCS Parts Product Sales Manager

Prepare for HVAC Cleaning Season

It’s almost summertime in the Midwest, which means one thing- outside heat and humidity! For HVAC contractors, it’s HVAC cleaning season. As units remove heat from a home through the refrigeration line, outside particles pull in causing reduced airflow and a high electricity bill. As you know, this time of year, it’s important to change out air filters and unit coils to extent HVAC unit life.

Prepare for HVAC Cleaning Season by having these items in your arsenal to check the superheat and subcooling, install, service and clean those HVAC units:

1. Quickly and easily check superheat and sub cooling

Ritchie Manifold Quick Connect Hoses 42001- 5% off
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2. Install new equipment

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  • 3/8 inch 15660
  • ½ inch MH120006EAK

Inficon Recovery Machines- 5% off

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3. Service HVAC equipment

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Schraeder Core Remover MJAVCT & Appion MGAVCT 5/16- 5% off


11-n-1 Klein Screwdriver- all Klein tools 5% off

Yellowjacket Pump Oil- quart and a gallon TZMGLN and Ritchie Vac pump oil TZMGLN- 5% off

CPS and Diversitech Schraeder Caps & Cores- 5% off

  • Diversitech Valve Cores VVC1
  • Quarter Inch Schraeder Caps VC4
  • CPS Valve Cores CD4460
  • Six Pack CD4460/6


4. Clean A/C Unit

ACE Coil Cleaner- 5% off
Indoor Coil Cleaner: EKC-1
Outdoor Coil Cleaner: ABP-1

ACE Condensate Tabs DTJR- 5% off


Visit BCS Parts and enjoy 5% off all items in the “BCS Parts Spring Cleaning Kits” now through June 10, 2017!

Top Ten Tech Tools

Here are the BCS Parts Top Ten Tools you need to make your job easier and more efficient.

1. VETO Pro Pac Tool Bags

These backpacks make carrying comfortable. Tow your tools while keeping your hands free to climb and carry large replacement parts. Adhere to OSHA’s fall protection hands-free standards for roof ladders and carry what you need on your back.

These bags were built by tradesmen with tradesmen in mind. The design features a hinged handle, vertically tiered pockets, heavy duty construction, and a stabilizing molded waterproof base that keeps your tools dry in the nastiest conditions.

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