Supco Air Pressure Sensing Switch

Adjustable Style RSS Series- Ideal for residential and light commercial furnace, electronic air cleaner, and humidifier applications.

Supco Super Boost A.C. Hard Starts

SPP5: $5.62 SPP6: $8.12
SPP Super Boost Series- Reliable, field proven, UL recognized PTC style Hard Start Kits

Yellow Jacket Test and Charging Manifold and Ball Valve Hoses

Test and Charging Manifold, 42001: $57.18
Ball Valve Hoses, 25060, 25660, 25260: $32.44
Quick Connection Hoses, 22060, 22260, 22660: $21.93
22985 3 Pack: $65.81
For the A/C and Refrigeration Service Technician


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